Friday, September 4, 2009

Angela's Eyes

Angela Luz Colon's father just past away not too long ago. But she was in as much grief as her mother, Theresa. Angela would take walks in the park and go to school but that was before she started to get dreams about people on 145th street. Her first dream was about an old man who worked in Mr.Rodrigez Bodega, Poli. 

As the day passed by, Angela stopped by Mr.Rodrigez's bodega. She stopped in front of the window, she saw Poli sorting out the tomatoes. Her eyes started to become watery as she continued to stare at Poli. Mr.Rodrigez was curious of her watery eyes. So, Angela told him about her dream of Poli. She had a dream that she was at school when her father stepped into the classroom, expect it wasnt her father. It was Poli standing in front of her classmates. As Angela told her dream , Poli and a women stopped to listen Angela tell her dream. Once she was done, they looked in The Black Cat Book to see what numbers to play. The dream about the school was 3-5-6, Poli's house number. The next numbers was 2-3-7, Angela's house number. And the last numbers were 0-6-5, for Angela's father's recent death.

The next day, Poli played those numbers and forgot them. Mr.Rodrigez also played the same numbers but had no luck, and then Poli pasted away. Thats when people started talking. A man named Jorge Cruz said that when a man dies violently, they leave their eyes with their child. Angela was an only child, she her eyes are her fathers eyes. Jorge words got out quick, and people started avoiding Angela. People on 145th street feared Angela's ability to see people's death. Mr.Rodrigez did not like that fact that everyone only talked to Angela to her about her dreams. He thought she was a good girl, and her dreams had nothing to do with peoples death, it was coincidence. 

It was Christmas, and as usual, Mr.Rodrigez threw a party for his good friends, and best customers. During the party, Titi Sanchez gave Angela the biggest burden. She tells Angela to stop staring at her, Titi feared Angela's ability. She didn't want to be the next one to die. Mr.Rodrigez couldn't take people treating Angela the way they did, so he tried to find a way to prove peoples' death was a coincidence. He had Angela asked Consuela Ortiz to show Angela her pain, and to ask her if she saw anything. Angela did not see Consuela's future, she was so relieved. They solved the problem and said Angela was dreaming about a war, that explained the reason why deaths were happening. Angela was left alone, and went back to her daily routine. 

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